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Swag Personality
Swag Personality
15 :) RMA <3 Justin Bieber <3 Fashion <3 Celebrities :) Love my friends and family.

Keep your head up,you'r special ;)
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Thank you Xabi for every thing ! Goodbye !

literally the whole football fandom (via dvmbfrick)


Real Madrid players + name meaning [part 2]

(Source: teamcristiano)

Xabi Alonso (via omaradly-madridista)

I’ve been proud of being part of this club, it will remain in my memory forever, I’m a Madridista nothing else.


Grande Xabi Alonso

I have almost 20 years in this club and no one should ever dare tell me what Real Madrid is. They don’t know the meaning of being part of this club. This club is my life.

(Source: ikerscasillas, via ikerscasillas)

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